Prosthetic Central Fabrication


“I put on my shorts and my family actually had to ask me which one was my (real) leg!”   --- Donna, AK patient

“It (the skin) has to be tough, because, as a Christmas tree farmer, I’m tough on my leg.”  --- Catherine, BK patient

“When I’m outside with my suspension sleeve on, people just think I have something wrong with my knee.  They can’t tell I’m an amputee.”
--- Jennifer, BK patient

“As a car salesman, I do a lot of walking and sitting on the job. My skin has lasted nearly three years.  Also, as a salesman looks are very important.”
--- Barry, AK patient

“I have over ten patients who currently have the skin on their prosthesis.  They are all very happy with it and so am I.” --- Mike Brncick, Prosthetist

“Really excellent quality, good looks and super service!”
--- Linda Jernigan, Prosthetist

Amputee Coalition Article May/June 2014