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WaterGait™ WaterLeg

Have FUN in the water again with the NEW low-cost alternative, the WaterGait™ WaterLeg. Do all those things you shouldn't be doing in your expensive prosthesis safely!

Shower, Pool, Ocean/Lake/River, Water Park, Hot Tub, Water Ski, Bathtub, Parasail, Walk on the beach, Run through the sprinkler, Boating, Fishing, etc.

Be confident in any kind of water. This WaterLeg won’t rust, absorb water or cost you an arm and a leg. Starting at $2450.00, you can have a light, strong copy of your current prosthesis that looks as good or even better. 

 A Low-Cost Alternative since a WaterLeg is not usually covered by insurance

A Low-Cost Alternative since a WaterLeg is not usually covered by insurance


PRICING FOR SELF-PAY* (not covered by insurance)

$2,050 - WaterGait™ $2400 - $400 self-pay discount
SkinergyTM Skin finish and Surf Sock

$2,150 - WaterGait™ with - Coyote waterproof shuttle lock for suspension.

Add Cost + 15% for suspension sleeve.
We can only provide sleeves for your WaterGaitTM water-leg, not your standard prosthesis.

Add $1,200 for the Rampro™ Swim Ankle
Only for active swimming and Scuba activities

PRICING FOR PRACTITIONERS *submitting cost to insurance

$2,450 - Base Price
$2,550 - Adding Coyote Lock Suspension

Practitioners Bill the following L-Codes for an exoskeletal prosthesis with an energy storing foot and waterproof covering.


You can purchase your WaterGait WaterLeg in one of three ways:

1. Pay the full amount up front and save $25: cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks are accepted. Never send cash.

2. Pay the full amount up front with PayPal or a Credit Card. Processing fee of $12.50 will be applied.

3. Deferred Payment Plan: Simply subtract $1,200 from the total price of the WaterGaitTMplus accessories and shipping - that will be your down payment due prior to order initiation. The remaining $1,200 is due $300 per month for the subsequent four months. There is a $12.50 processing fee applied to each deferred payment transaction.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.


 I've worn it a few times and it's pretty awesome! Everyone is so shocked how realistic it looks! Very excited to get in the ocean! Thank you SO much!

Lelia G. New Jersey 

 I received the WaterGait on a Friday and I am absolutely blown away! It looks fantastic, is finished better than my original, actually fits better...

Heather C. Virginia 

 I was amazed how well they fit, how good they looked, how light they are, and how quickly they dried off.

Brian S. Chicago, IL 

 I am a BK double amputee that was a lifeguard and swim teacher in my youth. Swimming was my life. I was going to California and Lee made these affordable swim legs in record time.

I didn't put them on before traveling. I got to California and they fit beautifully. (I was blown away.) I was amazed how well they fit, how good they looked, how light they were and how quickly they dried off.

I used them in the hot tub and pool. They are the answer to my prayers.
Thank you!

Diane S.  Olympia Fields, IL

 I don’t have to hesitate to join my kids when they get in the pool.  I also love being able to stand on two feet in the shower for the first time in years.

John H.  Chicago, IL

 My WaterGait leg is truly life-altering! Limitations are lifted; I'm having so much more fun. It doesn't get better than this! This is the best quality-of-life investment I've ever made!

Laurel K.  Chicago, IL